From the Editor

When we founded we had set up an international network of writers with articles based on viewing exhibitions and events around the world that were of interest and in line with our mission. The COVID pandemic and its restrictions on international travel and the closing down of museums, galleries, and almost every conceivable performing arts venue, more or less made our original conception of the site nonoperable. We have been in hiatus ever since. This brought us to a point of having to decide whether we continue or shut down completely.

During this time we have re-thought the nature of the site and our intentions. The site has still received traffic, inquiries, and continuing interest from contributors. In light of this we decided to keep going, or get it going again, with a similar intent to cover cultural phenomena of interest in light of the new dynamics, possibilities, and issues confronting us in line with our original mission statement. In a sense, the need for a highly filtered, intelligent, inclusive, examination of what is going on in our culture, looking at those who are bringing something new into the world, and discussing it online is needed now more than ever. There is still a lot of noise in the media landscape and more need for intelligent observation online than ever before.

It also turns out our track record has been, even in our short life, noteworthy. For example, Adam Pendleton has become significantly bigger since we first reviewed his London show. Other artists and books and activities we have written about have turned out to have been right on the mark as someone or something that would later blossom into a something more well known and influential in the greater culture. Our vision of inclusivity has become even more of a focus everywhere else, though when we started we felt it was of prime relevance and central to everything to begin with. We were onto something that now seems to be the direction much of the world is trying to get to. But we were already there. That alone is reason enough to continue.