Liliane Tomasko

Liliane Tomasko, acrylic and spray acrylic painting, courtesy Marc Strauss gallery, New York City

Berlin — Over the last few years, since integrating spray paint into her already lusciously colored paintings, Liliane Tomasko has come into her own as a major painter on the European scene. Her work is bold, beautiful, and sensuous, heralding the qualities of a new wave of improvisational painters around the world. These are painters not afraid of stunning chromatics and an aesthetics of lavish nonobjective forms underpinned with an unapologetic sense of beauty that we see popping up in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Since Tomasko’s last solo show in Berlin at the Blain/Southern gallery, she has had significant exhibitions at the Chateau La Coste in Provence, France, in a show that closed at the end of this last December, and exhibitions at the Kewenig gallery in Dublin and the Marc Strauss gallery in New York city.