Beth Letain at Peres Projects

Beth Letain, Track and Field, 2017, courtesy Peres Projects
Beth Letain, Track and Field, 2017, courtesy Peres Projects

Berlin — Beth Letain is a Canadian-born painter based in Berlin now showing with Javier Peres at Peres Projects, Berlin.  Peres gave Letain her first solo show at his space in November and December 2017.

Letain’s work is quasi-rectangular but not orthogonal, non-regular: her edges wander, her lines waver. At her best she gives us clear, brilliantly transparent colors. Often singly or a couple, exhilaratingly juxtaposed. Deceptively simple, visually persuasive, intellectually intriguing, Letain’s painting is able to deliver a sumptuous, almost delicious, looseness with an intelligently rigorous punch.

It looks like Peres is going to be showing Letain at his booths in upcoming fairs this Spring and in future offerings. Look for her; she’s worth it.

Beth Letain was born in 1976,  graduated from McGill University in 1999 in biology, graduated in painting from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2005, completed her MFA at SUNY Purchase, New York in 2008.

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